Gender Transformative Health Promotion: An Introduction (ppt | PDF)
This 30-minute presentation examines the links between gender equity and health promotion and introduces a Framework for Gender Transformative Health Promotion.

Approaches to Integrating Gender into Health Promotion (ppt | PDF)
This 30-minute presentation draws upon gender integration work by the World Health Organization and other international organizations. It introduces the concepts of “gender unequal,” “gender blind,” “gender sensitive,” “gender specific,” and “gender transformative” to help health promotion practitioners assess their current level of gender integration.

Framework for Gender Transformative Health Promotion (PDF)
A one-page illustration of how health promotion can contribute to gender transformation to enhance both health and gender equity.


A Continuum of Approaches to Action on Gender and Health (PDF)
A one-page illustration of different approaches to integrating gender in health promotion and their relationship to gender equity.


Planning Tool for Creating Gender Transformative Health Promotion Interventions (PDF)
This planning tool helps health promotion practitioners identify the known or potential sex, gender, diversity and equity effects of a program, policy or research project.

planning tool for gthp_colour-low res

Gender Equity and Health Promotion Information Sheets
These two-page information sheets provide suggestions on applying principles of gender transformative health promotion to practice.

How Health Promotion Can Improve Gender Equity (PDF)
How Tobacco Control Can Improve Gender Equity (PDF)
How Community Physical Activity Programs Can Improve Gender Equity (PDF)

Info-Sheet-Health-Promotion-and-Gender-Equity  Info-Sheet-Tobacco-and-Gender-EquityInfo-Sheet-Physical-Activity-and-Gender-Equity

Integrating Gender into Health Promotion – Workshop Exercises
These training tools apply the gender integration continuum to example areas in the health promotion field. Program examples are provided so that small groups can practice identifying elements according to the gender integration continuum.

Women and Stroke (ppt | PDF)
Women and Physical Activity (ppt | PDF)
Gender and Addiction (ppt | PDF)