Planning Tool for Gender Transformation

Planning Tool for Creating Gender Transformative Health Promotion Interventions

This planning framework (7)  follows a traditional project planning cycle but incorporates critical reflective practices, encourages the engagement of key stakeholders, and challenges users to identify the known or potential sex, gender, diversity and equity effects of a program, policy or research project.

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This tool acknowledges and values the various perspectives that health promotion practitioners and planners may hold. Is the action based in a concern for improving health outcomes for certain populations of women? Or is the action based in particular settings, such as schools, communities or families? Or, is the action based on concern about specific health issues that may be more prevalent, changing in prevalence, more serious, have sex and gender specific risk factors, or be uniquely experienced by girls and women (11)?

Sex and Gender Based Analysis
Sex- and gender-based analysis (SGBA) is an analytical tool that systematically
integrates a gender perspective into the development of policies, programs and
legislation, as well as planning and decision-making processes. Visit the SGBA e-Learning Resource.