Additional Resources

Additional Resources


Greaves L, Pederson A, Poole N, eds. (2014). Making it better: Gender Transformative Health Promotion for Women. Toronto, Ontario: Canadian Scholars’ Press/Women’s Press.

Pérez, M. A. and Luquis, R. R. (2013). Cultural Competence in Health Education and Health Promotion. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

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Research and Evaluation

A Summary of the ‘So What?’ Report: A Look at Whether Integrating a Gender Focus into Programmes Makes a Difference (World Health Organization, 2005)

Gender-Transformative Interventions to Reduce HIV Risks and Violence with Heterosexually-Active Men: A Review of the Global Evidence (AIDS and Behavior, November 2013, Volume 17, Issue 9, pp 2845-2863)

Promoting gender equity through health research: impacts and insights from a Canadian initiative (Global Health Promotion, March 2013, Volume 20, Issue 1, pp 25-38, Open Access)

Synchronizing Gender Strategies: A Cooperative Model for Improving Reproductive Health and Transforming Gender Relations (Interagency Gender Working Group (IGWG), 2010)

Manuals, Training and Practice Guides

Culturally Relevant Gender Based Analysis, Native Women’s Association of Canada
Tools to consider the interests and perspectives of Aboriginal women in policy development and evaluation.

Engaging Men and Boys in Gender Equality and Health: A global toolkit for action
Promundo, United Nations Population Fund and MenEngage

Gender Continuum Training, Interagency Gender Working Group
This resource provides program examples to allow students to explore and identify elements according to the gender continuum.

Gender and Health Collaborative Curriculum Project
Developed by a group of six medical schools in Ontario, Canada, modules include cardiovascular disease, lung cancer, poverty, trauma, depression, sexual diversity, heart failure and dementia

Gender mainstreaming for health managers: a practical approach, World Health Organization
A user-friendly guide aimed to raise awareness and develop skills on gender analysis and gender responsive planning in health sector activities that reduce gender-based inequities in health

Men’s Reproductive Health Curriculum
Designed to provide a broad range of health care workers with the skills and sensitivity needed to work with male clients and provide men’s reproductive health services.

Policy Readiness Tool
The Policy Readiness Tool was created for individuals, organizations and municipalities interested in creating healthier communities. It consists of a short questionnaire to assess a municipality’s readiness for healthy public policy change and a series of policy change strategies and advocacy resources for working with municipalities at different stages of policy readiness.

Rising to the Challenge: Sex- and Gender-based analysis for health planning, policy and research in Canada
Atlantic Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health

The WHO Health Promotion Glossary
World Health Organization


Center on Gender Equity and Health, UC San Diego School of Medicine
Using a global population health approach to reduce gender inequities and gender-based violence related to sexual, reproductive, and maternal and child health.

CHANGE: Center for Health and Gender Equity
A US-based organization promoting a human rights-based framework for U.S. sexual and reproductive health policies and programs, including family planning, HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections, and maternal health.

Works globally to improve the lives of men, women, and families through its work in family planning, maternal health, HIV and AIDS, and gender equity. Website includes training curricula, clinical guidelines, instructional videos, brochures, working papers, articles, and online information.

Gender Transformative Health Promotion (Women’s Health Victoria)
A clearinghouse of resources related to gender transformative health promotion.

True Child
A US-based organization that helps donors, policy-makers and practitioners reconnect race, class and gender through gender transformative approaches that challenge rigid gender norms and inequities, especially in at-risk communities, including those that are of color, LGBTQ, or low income.

Women Win
An international organization that supports innovative sport and physical activity programmes for empowerment and creating a social movement around sport for the advancement of women’s rights